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Poster: He Live's Date: Apr 6, 2008 12:38pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: YOUR CALL Ashes, Let It Rock:

ashes call

first version [...] 2/18/71,dark star>wharf>dark star rep ....edgy vocal... tempo too fast, short dark star -- i like this vocal a lot....

[...]3/18/71 fox thtr, st louis.... wow, this song grew legs fast-- here it comes out of a more expansive other one, laying the ground work
for the heavy trip.... organ backing...

again, after a serious, expansive OTHER ONE on 11/14/71 we start hitting the real REAL DEEP stuff, keith on board... grand piano on other one? who would a thunk it could still be ominous.... they give way to wharf rat: [...]so many times, the songs would just hang in the balance....floating somewhere, non-commital, until JERRY BEGAN -- and then things would jell instantly, the band coming together in an instant, a confrimation..... (which way to the kool-aid?)

"the good lord willin, if he says i may....."

wharf and other one were a bit of a pair now weren't they? on 9/28/72 there was a very nice OO played that met up again with wharf rat.....

but skip ahead and try one from the summer of 74 tour. from what i have heard, i sense a new emotional quality in jerry's voice this tour.... who knows, but i sense this emotional twang reverberating out like a stone dropping in the middle of a pond.... i am talking wild shit, but i wonder..... i think mr garcia sounds like he was going through some times during this era.... listen to the jam BOBBY launches on the outro at 8:00, a real outpouring..... this is the time when they let loose some of the best mind left body jams, no? jerry seems like at odds with some frequencies or something, and celestially in tune with others.....

that's just a touch now.... ".... more than my wine...."

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Poster: AshesRising Date: Apr 6, 2008 1:19am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: YOUR CALL Ashes, Let It Rock:

He Lives: ...speaking of "The Other One," the "non-commital" moment you reference, and the emotional fountain that was not made by the hands of man: how about that version from "The Closing of Winterland" (1978-12-31)? "Dark Star > The Other One > DS (sans lyrics) > Wharf Rat > 'Saint' Stephen"

..dawn is gonna break soon over Boston -- it's time to wake the neighbors for Sunday services with "Wharf Rat" from: 1977-11-06, Broome County (Binghampton, NY)

"It left a smoking crater of my mind I like to blow away,"
--- AshesRising